A Fiber cement manufacturing factory under way in Abuja say Chinese

Deputy General Manager of Sinoria FABCOM, Mr. Jackie Dai Hui made this known to journalists in Abuja.

He also noted that a few years from now many companies in China will find it cheaper to set up factories in the country, because of its huge market potentials which can also become the base for servicing the rest of the African markets.

According to him, “Nigeria has all it takes, the raw materials are there and skilled manpower is on the rise, it is only a question of time and I believe this would be very soon, our company Sinoria FABCOM want to be part of the industrial growth and development of Nigeria and that is why we are reinvesting our profit in the new factory rather than taking it back to China.”

Sinoria FABCOM is part of the Chinese global giant, CNBM, a Fortune 500 company rated number one globally in the manufacture of building materials, already has an industrial complex in Kuje Abuja where it set up four years ago for the manufacturing of stone coated roofing sheet.

Jacke Dai Hui said that Sinoria FABCOM wants “to use its building materials expertise to help Nigeria solve the problem of its housing need by providing quality but affordable building materials to the Nigerian housing sector.

Further internet research showed that method and material for manufacturing fiber cement board as abstract with the various embodiments herein provide a method and materials to produce non-asbestos Fiber Cement Board (FCB). According to one embodiment herein, a new material including Cement (60%-75% by weight), Acrylic fiber (1%-4% by weight), Nano silicate (1%-4% by weight), slake lime stone powder (5%-20% by weight), waste cardboard pulp paper (3%-12% by weight) and some polymeric additives are used to make FCB in the Hatcheck process. In another embodiment, a method to make FCB using this method in the Hatcheck process, only some small changes are needed. According to another embodiment, the FCB produced in this method can be used for cladding, internal wall and external walls.

Also Fiber cement is a composite material made of filler, cement and cellulose fibers. In appearance fiber cement siding most often consists of overlapping horizontal boards, imitating wooden siding, clapboard and imitation shingles. Fiber cement siding is also manufactured in a sheet form and is used not only as cladding but is also commonly used as a soffit/eave lining and as a tile underlay on decks and in bathrooms. Siding is not only used as an exterior siding, it can also be utilized as a substitute for timber fascias and barge boards in high fire areas


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