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The B A Ameh Company Ltd, Publishes AmehNews, an online platform to serve community of international news portal, local news within Nigeria along with Africa perspective news and social advocates dedicated to bringing you commentaries, features, news reports from a Nigerian, within African perspective and around the world.
B A Ameh Company ltd is fully registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as a corporate organization with ‘RC:1415773 ’ dated May 30, 2017 to provides the general and investing public with credible information; knowledgeable, sound understanding, trustworthy, principles, practices, conduct research as regard to investments and financial management services.

24/7online “AmehNews” stories since 2006 with a comprehensive business information gathering & news reporting to and fro industrial companies, investing community, financial services, and other are trading firms, government offices, media houses, individuals, etc within Nigeria, Africa and around the globe. Also focus on well-researched reports with recommendation in case of stock or money markets.

AmehNews.com disseminates business news and information within Nigeria to the Nigerians in Diaspora, Africa countries and the rest of world is our targets. The site is aiming at revolutionize business information gathering, dissemination in line with the dynamics of the international environment as well as to provide articles, reviews and regular columns that inform, educate and entertain Nigerians and non-Nigerians alike. We will continues to provides articles and columns that reflect the interests of the broad spectrum of our readers at the local, state, national and global level, thus creating opportunities for professional enrichment and opportunities to communicate pertinent news, issues and trends.

At AmehNews.com, our editorial is guided by the Nigerian Constitution and the principles of law upon which Country Constitution is based. We are targeting restoring and retaining the intellectual values and vision that would make Nigeria great. Our coverage and analysis does not “rehash” the news but probes deeper to discover the real story behind the headlines. We are aiming at uncover facts than major media without keep hidden as we do report important stories of months or years before it appear elsewhere. We base our articles at examine the goodness of Nigeria and the greatness of our founding principles that Nigeria is a great country filled with intelligent people from all walks of life; Nigeria is a wonder of diversities.

It is the vision of B A Ameh Company ltd to provide business news and information primarily about Nigeria to audiences everywhere around the world not necessarily breaking the news.  An independent voice like ours is the best protection you can have for your wealth. We don’t manage money, and we are n’t beholden to corporate sponsors. Our success is derived solely from the success of our readers. Over the last decade, we have grown from a small guerilla outfit to a formidable team of talented individuals in line with our goal and objective….

“To democratizes business news and information that can create wealth and inspire other journalists to size opportunity of moving out of comfort zone with technological innovation available to accelerate development within our view” by Benjamin A Ameh, Founder, BA Ameh Company ltd that owning AmehNews.com

AmehNews will help you plot a route what’s happening in the world wide web and how it affects you. Your needs, passions, challenges and curiosity are the heart of all of AmehNews coverage. If something matters to you, it matters to us at AmehNews


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