AFAN Establishes Four Key Committees to Enhance Food Security Initiatives

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In a determined effort to bolster the effectiveness of the Food Security emergency declared by the Tinubu Administration, the All Farmers Association of Nigeria (AFAN) has taken a proactive approach by establishing four essential committees.

These committees, comprising the Seed Committee, Mechanization Committee, STI Committee, and the existing Fertilizer Committee, are poised to collaborate with the Federal Government to tackle critical issues in the agricultural sector. Their primary goal is to lower the cost of agricultural inputs, increase Smallholder Farmers’ (SHFs) productivity, and consequently, ensure widespread Food Security.

Arc Kabir Ibrahim FNIA, the National President of AFAN, emphasized the vital role of synergy among stakeholders in revitalizing the food system. He stressed the need to reduce the cost of food production and make food more accessible to the majority of the population.

The Seed Committee’s establishment is seen as indispensable for enhancing agricultural productivity, as quality seeds are the foundation of successful farming. It is recognized that optimizing seed utilization is crucial for achieving Food Security goals.

The Mechanization Committee aims to replace manual labor with machinery, thereby increasing efficiency in agricultural processes. Currently, mechanization in Nigeria is subpar, necessitating innovation and investment to reach desired levels of mechanized farming.

To address this, small-scale, hand-held, and lightweight machinery will be prioritized in the short term, considering the economic challenges facing the nation.

Furthermore, AFAN recognizes the pivotal role of Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI) in scaling up agricultural productivity.

The STI Committee will focus on various components, including climate change mitigation, climate-smart agriculture, agricultural biotechnology, artificial insemination, vertical farming, hydroponics, System of Crop Intensification (SCI), Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), food safety, post-harvest loss reduction, value addition, storage, sales, marketing, and more.

In conclusion, AFAN’s proactive approach to establish these committees underscores its commitment to addressing the critical issue of Food Security.

By collaborating with stakeholders and focusing on key aspects of agriculture, AFAN aims to contribute significantly to making food more affordable and accessible to the Nigerian population.

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