Airtel Director Unveils Ambitious Plan to Enhance Mobile Money Adoption in Africa and Beyond”

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Moussa Thiemoko Dao, the esteemed Group Director of Airtel Mobile Money Franco Zone, took center stage at the prestigious MWC Kigali 2023 event in Rwanda. During his keynote address, he generously shed light on Airtel’s far-reaching vision to bolster mobile money adoption in Africa and beyond.  Airtel, according to him is a prominent mobile network operator, is setting its sights on expanding the horizons of mobile money services across the African continent.


Mr. Dao further shared valuable insights into the telecommunications company’s comprehensive strategies aimed at propelling mobile money penetration.


With a broad footprint in various African countries, he said Airtel is well-positioned to lead the charge in this financial revolution.


“Their vision encompasses not only the enhancement of existing services but also the introduction of innovative solutions to cater to the evolving financial needs of consumers.The director emphasized the importance of accessibility and convenience in promoting mobile money services, he added.


Group Director continues, Airtel intends to leverage its extensive network and technological advancements to make mobile money more accessible to individuals, especially in underserved areas. They also plan to forge strategic partnerships with local businesses and financial institutions to create a robust ecosystem for mobile money, he stressed.


Furthermore, Airtel’s commitment extends beyond the borders of Africa, as they aim to extend their successful mobile money model to other regions.

Dr Dao’s address resonated with the audience, painting a compelling picture of Airtel’s dedication to driving financial inclusion and revolutionizing the way people transact in the digital age. With their bold vision and strategic initiatives, Airtel is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of mobile money adoption in Africa and beyond.

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