Ambassador Olufemi Ajadi: Government Must Act Now to Support Citizens

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In a heartfelt message marking Nigeria’s 63rd Independence Anniversary, Ambassador Olufemi Ajadi Oguntoyinbo, a stalwart of the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP) and a true comrade of the Nigerian masses, extended his warmest congratulations to the resilience of the nation’s citizens during these challenging times.
Ajadi began by acknowledging the recent hardships faced by Nigerians, expressing admiration for their unwavering resolve in the face of adversity. He recognized that these trying times had taken a toll on the people’s wellbeing and that, regrettably, the soaring prices of goods and services were preventing many from celebrating this significant milestone.
“The current situation is truly disheartening,” Ajadi lamented. “Instead of joyously commemorating our nation’s independence, Nigerians, regardless of their states or regions, find themselves burdened with frustration and discontent. Can we blame them when the economy has dealt such a harsh blow, and insecurity has escalated?”
He emphatically stated that celebrating the anniversary became a luxury when citizens were struggling to put food on the table, lacked financial resources, and were forced to confront daunting challenges like banditry, armed robbery, and insecurity.” All these issues are glaring indicators of governmental failure,” Ajadi remarked.
“It is the government’s duty to create job opportunities, allowing citizens to earn a living. Infrastructure, the protection of lives and property, and incentives for entrepreneurs to generate employment are also within the government’s purview. But what do we have now? Inadequate infrastructure, unreliable electricity, a lack of job opportunities, and insufficient security – it’s a terrible state of affairs.”
He concluded that these circumstances had turned the Independence Anniversary into a period of lamentation and despair rather than one of jubilation and hope. Ambassador Ajadi, renowned for his dedication to youth empowerment, influential opinions, and philanthropic endeavors, disclosed that it was his commitment to alleviating the plight of the people that drove him into politics.
He urged Nigerian voters not to lose hope, despite years of political deception by entrenched interests and self-serving politicians, encouraging them to believe in an impending positive change.”While we mark this anniversary, I implore all Nigerians never to lose faith. Instead, let the shortcomings of past governments in providing good governance strengthen your determination and belief in a brighter Nigeria. I believe in it, which is why I am actively striving for good governance, not only in our beloved Ogun State but also in our dear country, Nigeria.
“I also beseech other patriotic Nigerians to join this noble endeavor.”Ambassador Ajadi drew a parallel with South Africa, which, despite enduring colonial oppression for many decades, ultimately gained independence through the unwavering commitment of its people.He asserted that Nigeria’s much-needed economic and industrial liberation could only be realized through consistent demand for exemplary political leadership.”
As I salute Nigerians on our independence day, I earnestly appeal to all of us not to lose hope. I also appeal to our political leaders to provide good governance and enhance the lives of the citizenry. This is the very essence of leadership. God bless Nigeria, and may He bless us all,” Ambassador Ajadi concluded in prayer.

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