Beyond Telecoms Regulation, Danbatta As A ‘diplomat’

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by oooh aihe

This demands lots of movements and negotiations and, in fact, deep appreciation of each


other’s relevance and importance in the build-out of a modern telecommunications ecosystem.

The foregoing forms the concourse of Prof Danbatta’s 8-Point Agenda which include:

Facilitate Broadband Penetration, Improve Quality of Service, Optimize Usage and Benefits of Spectrum, Promote ICT Innovation and Investment Opportunities, Facilitate Strategic

Collaboration and Partnership, Protect and Empower Consumers, Promote Fair Competition and Inclusive growth and Ensure Regulatory Excellence and Operational Efficiency.

An interesting part of the Agenda is that the various strands are quite measurable. They are also intricately linked in the way they impact on the industry. It is quite possible to look at

the ground covered and the progress recorded within a defined period. Fortuitously, neither Danbatta nor the NCC which he heads is scared of being measured. It should be considered

relevant here to note that the world has measured us since 2001 at the dawn of a new industry and has marked Nigeria as the country with one of the fastest growing telecommunications market in the world.

Instead the EVC has galvanized the Commission into reaching out to the various stakeholders with the assurance that an industry that enjoys harmony is more useful to everybody than a fractious one where stakeholders tend to contend for a little by way of tax. He is preaching the gospel of the big picture which provides a cover for all instead of a contentious few.

Danbatta has stated quite eloquently that “the regulator is not supposed to just sit down in an air-conditioned office. There is the need for him to go out from time to time and be seen to be discharging responsibilities diligently as the regulator of the telecommunications industry in all ramifications.”

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