Broadband: A pivotal that can speedy up transformation of the Nigerian economy says Prof Danbatta

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Broadband: A pivotal that can speedy up transformation of the Nigerian economy says Prof Danbatta

—–quality of service at the moment is not the best

Umar Garba Danbatta

Prof Umar Danbatta, The Executive Vice Chairman (EVC), Nigerian Communications Commission(NCC)

Broadband is the next frontier in the ICT industry which will help in the speedy transformation of the Nigerian economy.

Speaking during the presentation of the 8-Point Agenda, Prof Umar Danbatta, The Executive Vice Chairman (EVC), Nigerian Communications Commission(NCC) at his maiden international press conference, Lagos said the development of this five-year strategic vision for the fiscal years 2015-2020 is a good roadmap to guide our operations in the commission for the next five years.

Prof Danbatta said we now present our vision, alongside the overarching change mantra of President Muhammadu Buhari, “To promote innovation, investment, competition, and consumer empowerment in and on top of the communications platforms of today and the future- maximising the power of information and communications technology to grow our economy, create jobs and enhance national competitiveness through the redevelopment of broadband infrastructure to facilitate rollout of broadband services that will hold out opportunities and higher network quality of service for all Nigerians.”

In order to achieve its mandate, the commission has put in place various strategies that will enable it become a responsive, world-class communications regulatory organsisation that promotes a market driven communications industry that fosters universal access to information and communications technology for all Nigerians.

The commission has initiated several programs such as state Accelerated Broadband Initiative (SABI) and Wire Nigeria Project (WIN) to help stimulate demand and accelerate the uptake of ICT tools and services necessary for the enthronement of a knowledge society in Nigeria.

NCC Boss pointed out that as a regulator of the telecommunications sector, we recognise the importance of providing an enabling environment for ICT development, enhancing and modernising our institutional capacity, facilitating sector infrastructure, efficient and qualitative service provision and promoting sector market development. However, he said, all these can only be achieved if there is a renewed and increased coordination for the common good of nation building.

As an organisation we are committed to refocus our energy and resources towards this common good and we also call upon other stakeholders to join hands with us (NCC) in this patriotic duty, Prof Danbatta noted.

“My vision is to ensure the deployment and hosting of broadband services in major cities and then use the intervention service of the commission to ensure that are underserved and un-seerved or rural communities as we come to know them today do not come nought.”

EVC disclosed that quality of service (QOS) at the moment is not the best. He said it is also characterized by key performance indicators(KPI) which we know are defined by terminologies associated with dropped calls, inablilty to get calls through and vice versa, when someone calls you and he or she is not able to get through to you.

We are looking at the technical factors even as we are convinced that if we are looking for remarkable improvement in QOS, then we must roll out broadband services with a help of the infraCos like Mainone company and others, he added.

Prof Danbatta pointed out that the policy goals of the NCC recognise the immense socio-economic importance of ICTs to national development and therefore seek to ensure that the infrastructure necessary to provide ubiquitous broadband services is available and accessible to all citizens at affordable.

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