“CGC Adeniyi Applauds Commitment of Staff and Urges Officers to Uphold Integrity”

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……….Nigeria Customs Command and Staff College Graduates 50 Officers from Junior Course 18;

The Nigeria Customs Command and Staff College, located in Gwagwalada, celebrated a significant achievement on Friday, April 19, 2024, as it proudly graduated 50 officers from Junior Course 18. The momentous ceremony, hosted at the prestigious Ahmadu Makarfi Hall of the college, drew high-ranking officials from the Nigeria Customs Service, alongside the families and well-wishers of the newly minted officers.


Representing Comptroller-General of Customs Bashir Adeniyi, Deputy Comptroller-General Greg Itotoh, overseeing Human Resources and Development, lauded the directing staff and instructors for their unwavering dedication throughout the rigorous training period. He commended the graduating officers for their diligence and urged them to leverage their newfound knowledge and expertise to elevate the service’s effectiveness.


CGC underscored the paramount importance of capacity building in realizing the strategic objectives of the Nigeria Customs Service, affirming the service’s commitment to nurturing a capable and proficient workforce. He encouraged the fresh graduates to embrace innovation and proactive approaches, leveraging technology to optimize service delivery.


Commandant of the College, ACG Kingsley Egwuh, echoed praises for the directing staff, acknowledging their instrumental role in shaping the officers’ capabilities. He congratulated the graduating cohort, urging them to tackle forthcoming challenges with resolve and to contribute positively to the Nigeria Customs Service.


Equipped with comprehensive training spanning customs operations, leadership, and weapon handling, the graduating officers are slated for deployment across various service formations, poised to apply their skills for enhanced service delivery.


The ceremony spotlighted the acknowledgment of outstanding performers through the presentation of certificates and awards, recognizing exemplary performance during the training period.


Preceding the graduation ceremony, a regimental dinner on April 17, 2024, provided a platform for Comptroller-General of Customs Bashir Adeniyi to impart words of wisdom to the graduating officers. Emphasizing professionalism and integrity, CGC Adeniyi urged the officers to embody the core values of the Nigeria Customs Service as they embark on their careers.


Addressing the officers as the Special Guest of Honour, CGC Adeniyi congratulated them on surmounting the rigorous academic challenges, emphasizing the significance of the technical prowess acquired during their tenure at the college. He charged the officers to uphold the service’s motto of “Justice and Honesty” and to serve as exemplary ambassadors of the Nigeria Customs Service.


Encouraging the officers to put their training into practice upon returning to their respective commands, CGC Adeniyi underscored the pivotal role they would play in shaping the future of the Nigeria Customs Service.


The evening concluded with a palpable sense of achievement and anticipation, symbolizing not only the culmination of academic endeavors but also marking the commencement of a journey for the graduating officers to uphold the esteemed values of the Nigeria Customs Service with unwavering dedication and integrity.

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