Chimamanda slams critics of her comment on Hillary Clinton

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Despite the widespread criticism that greeted Chimamanda Adichie’s questioning of Hillary Clinton on why her (Clinton) Twitter bio starts with ‘wife’, the celebrated writer has maintained her position.

Calling out those she called ‘outrage mongers’, she said she was just being honest with Clinton during the interview at the PEN World Voices Festival on Sunday, adding that that was the nature of the “personal” conversation.

In a long comment, she said, “I am tired of Nigerians who read a headline and, without bothering to get details and context, jump on the outrage bandwagon and form lazy, shallow opinions.

“We all react personally to public figures. And I was upset that the Twitter bio of a woman who is the most accomplished person to run for President of the United States, would begin with ‘wife.’ And considering her personal history, it just didn’t seem to fit.

“I felt that ‘wife’ was used as an attempt to placate all the men and women who will not vote for a woman unless they are able to see her first in domestic terms.”

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