CIIN President Highlights Significance Of Insurance In Daily Lives At Institutes Quiz Competition For Sec. Schools

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The institute’s quiz competition for secondary schools also aimed at promoting the significance of insurance in our daily lives, community development, poverty alleviation, economic advancement and world peace.


Oyegunle. CIIN President


Sir Muftau Oyegunle, President/Chairman of Council, Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria (CIIN) at the institute’s quiz competition for secondary schools held on Thursday during Ilisan town-hall, Ogun State.

President/Chairman of Council, CIIN noted that the Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria and the Institute’s Quiz committee which is the second edition of CIIN quiz competition for secondary school students in Nigeria.


Oyegunle said this quiz competition is borne out of the CIIN’s desire to enlighten and introduce young minds to the amazing world of insurance.

“Insurance ensures that we have adequate safety nets against the misfortunes of life by providing compensation for its customers that enable them to survive the adversities of life. Hence, insurance provides us with a means of protecting ourselves and our families from unexpected but possible financial losses while also enhancing the capacity to build wealth, he added.


The CIIN President further disclosed that this competition is designed to create awareness amongst you, the young adults, who we consider the future of our industry, about the importance of Insurance as a service and the career opportunities it offers to students like you.


Oyegunle stressed that whatever you have learnt in preparation for the competition will impact your lives positively. Similarly, he said the knowledge and information you receive here today would assist you in your career choice.


He stated that every student here would maximize the opportunities which this competition provides and make insurance his/her course of first choice when going into the university.


The CIIN President concluded by said Permit me to inform you that this competition is not all about winning but also about having fun while learning more about insurance.


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