Communique issued at the end of a two-day conference on “Industry Engagement On The Review Of Accident Reports” in Nigeria aviation industry

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The following 25 points being a communique issued at the first and two days of the “Industry Engagement On The Review Of Accident Report” conference, organised by Accident Investigation Bureau Nigeria (AIB-N) on August 25-26, 2021 at Sheraton Hotel, Abuja

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Effective safety management systems largely depend on the quality of the investigation of reported accidents, incidents and safety issues and investigation and analysis of safety occurrence is an essential ingredient of the overall risk management process in aviation.

The aim of the conference is for the stakeholders to creating awareness about the commission activities especially accident reports, to empower the industry with the knowledge produced by these reports and improve aviation safety, fulfil the purpose of accident investigation, which is to prevent future recurrence of similar accidents or incidents and generate feedback that can help AIB-N further in carrying out its mandate.

The organiser expected outcome of the conference: Industry operators will have learnt some lessons that will impact their operations and improve air safety, operators will see AIB-N as a partner in their quest to operate in a safe environment and improve air safety, a platform for future collaboration between AIB-N and other stakeholders will have been established

According to the statement saying, we have the statistics to support the paradigm shift in Nigerian Accident Investigation so far, which has received local and international acclaim.

Beyond these, incredible infrastructural and manpower development have taken place, thereby putting AIB-N among the foremost accident investigation bodies, not only in the region but in the world.

In AIB-N, we have the men, we have the infrastructure, we have the processes, we have the system, we have the connections and above all we have the support of responsible stakeholders.

Participants at the of a two-day conference agreed that:

1 Accident investigation is necessary for improved safety in the global aviation industry, including Nigeria
2. Participants also advocated for a single reporting system, which should include the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), AIB-N including other sister agencies and operators
3. The advent of social media has put every information either appropriate or not in the public space
4. Accident investigation in Nigeria should migrate to the 21st century of reporting by adopting latest technology in the world
5. Organisations and airlines should invest in Research and Development to excel in the sector
6. Safety thrives on data. For you to have improved safety in the sector, there is the need to promote non-punitive policy. The era of threat to sanction or sanction may not work again in order to get to the heart of a matter by digging to know the motive behind actions or inactions
7.  Mandatory accident/incident report should be encouraged by the regulatory agency and the airline operators
8.  As long as the truth is brought out at the end of a report, the disagreement of parties involved should not be a distraction.
9.  ICAO frowns at overwriting of Cockpit Voice Recorder, it is a criminal offence to tamper with evidence as stated in Annex 13 and should be treated as such.
10. Accident or Incident reports should be given attention because it is evergreen for reference purpose.
11. Safety Recommendations should be given priority by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority.
12.  Participants opined that prior to the commencement of raining season, NCAA should insist that all navigational equipment, including ILS are serviceable especially during raining season.

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13. Participants frowned at the poor attendance of this event by airlines invited for the forum
14. Participants called for improved infrastructure at most of our airports, especially at the Port Harcourt Airport
15. NCAA was charged to beam more searchlight on foreign registered aircraft used for commercial services in Nigeria
16. The rationale of the airline choosing a pilot with more flight hours as Co-pilot and the pilot with less hours as Pilot –In-Command (PIC) should be looked at critically.
17. NCAA should consider mandatory no blame in go-around policy for airlines in order to improve human and equipment safety in the industry.
18. Coordination between Air Traffic Controllers and pilots is paramount to safety.
19. Appropriate agencies should guide against vandalism of critical safety equipment by collaborating with the security agencies to create conducive environment for all.
20. Rather than focus energy and financial resources of less critical issues, efforts should be focused on installing and sustaining safety critical facilities in the industry
21. In-house Standards Operating Procedures (SOP) should be strictly adhered to by airlines, while NCAA should ensure its sustenance.
22. More attention should be given to airlines when reports on incidents or accidents are submitted. Because some of the reports from airlines are watered down.
23. NCAA should shut down any airport without serviceable equipment especially those that lack landing aid facilities.
24. Ultimate safety lies with service providers.
25. Criticism is a feedback; it should not be dispersed as a bad intention.

The communiques were endorsed by Mr Tunji Oketunbi, General manager and corporate affairs of the Accident Investigation Bureau Nigeria (AIB-N).

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