Developmental Journalism a pivot to grow maritime industry says Brigadier General Agim

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Developmental Journalism is the kind of journalism that pays sustained attention to the coverage of ideas, policies, programs, activities and events dealing with the improvement of the life of people.

Brigadier General John Agim, Ph.D, the Commandant, Nigerian Army School 0f Public Relations and Information (NASPRI) stated this while delivering his speech at A 3-Day workshop for maritime reporters themed: “when and why to bypass official sources of information” saying the answer as to when and why media men and women seek sources of information to collaborate their reports depend solely on the reporter and his biases. However, developmental journalism is considered the best for maritime industry, he added.

The A 3-Day workshop for maritime reporters was held at Nigerian army school of public relations and information (NASPRI) bonny cantonment Victoria Island, starting from Wednesday through to Friday the last day of January, Lagos.

“Therefore, Maritime which is a second very important wheel cannot afford to be left in the hands of people who do not understand the enormous tasks they are saddled with.

Brigadier General Agim pointed out that Nigerian Maritime industry is still fragile, activities and information that threatens prospects for robust growth and market profitability is a serious dis-service to the nation. Maritime stakeholders need timely and convincing information that will enable them take profitable business decisions. The media can reshape the minds of the public but public perception plays an important role in maritime industry as in elsewhere, he noted.

“Developmental journalism is best in this industry considering the gains it has to offer as it does appear that, social responsibility is weightier than truth. Although many journalists in the country would argue that truth is as important as social responsibility, but the interactions with journalists from other countries show different result.”

For instance, in the reportage of British Falkland Island war, the journalist came later to say that they did not tell the whole truth. But what if truth or half-truth means more money to the media owners?

“The Maritime Industry occupies a very prominent position in the economy of nations all over the world.  The maritime industry is a key sector of the Nigerian economy. The sector has been estimated to be bigger in size than oil and gas. If properly harnessed, the industry experts say the sector has potential to realize more than N7trn (Seven Trillion Naira) annually. This means that, the sector alone can finance the Nigerian annual budget of 2017.

In all the economy activities that goes on in this sector, shipping stands out as the greatest boost to our nation’s economic growth and development. It is estimated that 75% of shipping business that takes place in West Africa is done in Nigeria.”

Brigadier General reiterated that maritime industry is very crucial to the economy of the nation. It is indeed the backbone of international trade and global economy, he said.

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