Dirty fight in BASA: UAE bars all flights bound carrying Nigerian passengers entry

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has directed all flights bound for the country to refuse service to Nigerian passengers.

This is an escalation of the diplomatic crisis between her and Nigeria, and which can be traced to the tit for tat move by Nigeria when she reduced Emirates Airlines’ flight frequency form 21 to 1 per week after the Sharjah Airport Authorities reportedly denied Air Peace the three slots it requested.

According to a report by The Independent, the Ethiopian Airlines, Turkish Air and other international airlines going to Dubai refused to board passe gers holding the Nigerian passport whose final destination is the UAE.

The airlines it was gathered insisted that they have been directed not to airlift Nigerian passport holders to Dubai.

The Ethiopian Airlines reportedly offloaded Nigerian passengers bound for Dubai.

”UAE says no entry for Nigerian passengers from any airline. Ethiopian just offloaded all passengers heading to Dubai. We are voiding Dubai bound tickets,” a source told The Independent.

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