Ericsson, Google show how multiple network slices on a single Android 13 device can boost consumer and enterprise applications

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Ericsson and Google continue to push the envelope on network slicing, bringing the full
range of benefits of 5G one step closer to consumers, by demonstrating multiple network
slices on a single device that cater to both consumer and enterprise applications.

In their latest collaboration, the ecosystem partners have demonstrated support on Ericsson
network infrastructure for multiple slices on a single device running Android 13, supporting
both enterprise (work profile) and consumer applications. In addition, for the first time, a slice
for carrier branded services will allow communications service providers (CSP) to provide
extra flexibility for customized offerings and capabilities.


Network slicing has long been seen as vital to capturing the value that a 5G network can
provide for CSPs and enterprises. The market for network slicing alone in the enterprise
segment is projected at USD 300 billion by 2025, according to the GSMA. By demonstrating
that a single device can make use of multiple slices, which are used according to the on-
device user profiles and network policies defined at the CSP level, Google and Ericsson
have shown a way to bridge the gap between the three important user groups .


The results were achieved in an Interoperability Device Testing (IODT) environment on
Google Pixel 6 (Pro) devices using Android 13. The new release sees an expansion of the
capabilities for enterprises assigning network slicing to applications through User Equipment
Route Selection Policy (URSP ) rules, which is the feature that enables one device using
Android to connect to multiple network slices simultaneously.

Two different types of slices were made available on a device's consumer profile, apart from
the default mobile broadband (MBB) slice. App developers can now request what
connectivity category (latency or bandwidth) their app will need and then an appropriate
slice, whose characteristics are defined by the mobile network, will be selected.

In this way either latency or bandwidth can be prioritized, according to the app's requirements. For example, the app could use a low-latency slice that has been pre-defined by the mobile
network for online gaming, or a pre-defined high-bandwidth slice to stream or take part in
high-definition video calling.

In an expansion of the network slicing support offered by Android 12, Android 13 will also
allow for up to five enterprise-defined slices to be used by the device's work profile. In
situations where no USRP rules are available, carriers can configure their network so traffic
from work profile apps can revert to a pre-configured enterprise APN (Access Point Name)
connection – meaning the device will always keep a separate mobile data connection for
enterprise- related traffic even if the network does not support URSP delivery.


Monica Zethzon, Head of Solution Area Packet Core at Ericsson says: “As carriers and
enterprises seek a return on their investment in 5G networks, the ability to provide for a wide
and varied selection of use cases is of crucial importance. Communications Service
Providers and enterprises who can offer customers the flexibility to take advantage of tailored
network slices for both work and personal profiles on a single Android device are opening up
a vast reserve of different uses of those devices. By confirming that the new network slicing
capabilities offered by Android 13 will work fully with Ericsson network technology, we are
marking a significant step forward in helping the full mobile ecosystem realize the true value
of 5G.”

Ericsson and partners have delivered multiple pioneering network slicing projects using the
Android 12 device ecosystem. In July, Telefonica and Ericsson announced a breakthrough in
end-to-end, automated network slicing in 5G Standalone mode.

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