ExxonMobil In Foot Dragging To support Akwa-Ibom over COVID-19

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By Etim Umo


When crude oil was discovered in Akwa Ibom state in commercial quantity, and ExxonMobil arrived our shores not many would have thought there will come a day when we will be scratching our heads and asking what manner of corporate citizen is the oil company is?

Alas the day is here! No thanks to the COVID19 pandemic which caught everyone unprepared! While major corporates are scampering to bring succor to their host communities, the story of Exxonmobil is different!

Despite having its main operations base in Akwa Ibom state, the multinational American oil company has not deemed it fit offer any form of support to its host state – Akwa Ibom.

It’s with sadness that one recounts the numerous rough deal that The oil company has put the state through. Not too long ago, their operational base in Ibeno was seal by the Akwa Ibom State Board of Internal Revenue for non-remittances of revenue. It is also instructive to note the corporate social responsibility projects the company promised the state are in comatose.

It’s not surprising that the Rivers State Government gave them a raw deal recently by arrest and detaining some of their staff.

One can only hope that the oil giant, the largest multinational oil company in the state, would rise up and be counted in the fight against COVID-19 in Akwa Ibom State especially against the backdrop of the projects promised by ExxonMobil, as part of it’s corporate social responsibilities to the state being in comatose.

All over the world, well-meaning indigenes, residents, groups, and corporate citizens are continuously stepping forward and lending support to the government in the bid to curtail the Coronavirus pandemic and lessen the hardship it has brought on the people. Let’s hope that Exxonmobil will redeem itself sooner than later!

Imo writes from Esit Eket

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