Flexify Solutions Unveils CyberAgric App to Transform Agriculture in Nigeria

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Johnson Oyeniyi, CEO of Flexify Solutions,

Ensuring food security stands as a paramount concern for nations worldwide, Nigeria included. Acknowledging the pivotal role of modern agricultural techniques in safeguarding food production, Flexify Solutions, a pioneering tech entity based in Oyo State, has launched “CyberAgric.” This innovative app aims to revolutionize farming practices in Nigeria, particularly targeting cash crop cultivation such as cassava and maize.

CyberAgric represents a breakthrough in agricultural technology, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to support Nigerian farmers comprehensively. Noteworthy among its features is early disease detection, enabling farmers to identify ailments like Cassava Brown Streak Disease (CBSD) in cassava leaves within a mere fortnight of infection.

Through the utilization of smartphone cameras, farmers can capture images of their crops and promptly receive real-time analyses and recommendations. This empowers them to take proactive steps in safeguarding their crops and optimizing yields. Importantly, CyberAgric is designed to function seamlessly offline, ensuring accessibility for farmers in remote areas where internet connectivity is limited.

Johnson Oyeniyi, CEO of Flexify Solutions, underscored CyberAgric’s significance, emphasizing its accessibility and educational value. “Our objective with CyberAgric is to democratize advanced agricultural technology for every Nigerian farmer, irrespective of their location or internet accessibility,” remarked Oyeniyi. “Beyond disease detection, the app serves as an educational hub, equipping farmers with the latest agricultural insights and expert resources.”

Flexify Solutions collaborated closely with Cybermate Technologies to tailor CyberAgric to the specific needs of Nigerian farmers. Initially focusing on cassava and maize cultivation, the app addresses critical challenges faced by farmers in these sectors. With its advanced AI-driven disease detection capabilities, CyberAgric aims to mitigate the impact of crop diseases and bolster food security in Nigeria.

Flexify Solutions Ltd stands as a global leader in disruptive digital solutions, boasting a strong commitment to innovation. Specializing in crafting AI solutions optimized for mobile platforms, the company drives transformative change across various industries. With a proven track record in mobile app development, Flexify Solutions seamlessly integrates cutting-edge AI technologies to create intelligent solutions that resonate with users and drive success.

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