Government expenditures, procurements are catalysts for improved productivity, growth and employment –MAN CEOs

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 The Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of MAN member-companies across the six geo-political zones of the country and the ten Sectoral Groups of the Association said that Government Capital Expenditure implementation encourages productivity in the sector.

In the report released for third quarter 2019 disclosed the perception rests principally on delay in budget approvals; the small size of budgetary allocation for capital expenditure; and the poor implementation of CAPEX, culminating to poor basic infrastructure such as inefficient port infrastructure, inadequate electricity supply, deplorable road networks and low patronage of domestic products by the Government.


The Manufacturers CEOs Confidence Index (MCCI) are an index created by the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) to gauge the pulse of the economy on quarterly basis said that, ideally, Government expenditures and procurements are veritable catalysts for improved productivity, growth and employment.


For instance, capital project that is well funded and properly implemented will translate to improved patronage of manufacturers producing .The size of Commercial Bank loan to Manufacturing sector encourages productivity in the sector has not be fully implemented citing that Government Capital expenditure implementation encourages productivity in sector products like cement, iron rods, billets, tiles, nails, iron mesh, pipes, angle irons, doors, window frames and employ local engineers to mention but a few has failed short in the implementation.


The Captioned Photo: The Director General, MAN, Segun  Ajayi-Kadir

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