Gwandu advises African countries on 5G spectrum

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Image result for Gwandu advises African countries on 5G spectrumA former acting Executive Vice Chairman, Nigerian Communications Commission, and Chairman, Commonwealth ITU Group,  Dr Bashir Gwandu, has urged African countries to take steps to ensure that the 5G spectrum allocated to the continent has minimal constraints on the network and devices.

In his remarks at the ongoing Southern African Development Community Preparatory Meeting in Namibia he said SADC telecoms regulators should work towards spectrum policies that would not only guarantee the availability of appropriate spectrum but also minimal constraints for the use of any spectrum that was to be allocated by the International Telecommunications Union in the upcoming World Radiocommunication Conference 2019.

Gwandu made special emphasis on the need for all African countries to continue with the effort of ensuring that 26GHz band along with the whole of 40GHz as well as 66GHz bands were made available for 5G through relevant identification for IMT.

He further stated that the provision of the 26GHz band was not sufficient but that the constraints for use of such spectrum should be minimal.

In particular, he noted that Japan had proposed out-of-band emission limits of -20dB (W/200 MHz) and Arab region was already promoting values of -32 dB(W/200 MHz) for IMT base stations.

He said the SADC, as well as African group, should push for values that were at least similar to those proposed by the neighbouring Arab region instead of the current range of -32  to -37dB (W/200 MHz) that had been proposed for the protection of Earth Exploration Satellite Service (passive services).

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