How Cordros Investment Account Will Help You Earn More

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The impacts of collective investment strategy; how would you like to budget between 10 and 20% of your income for savings and investment and prepare for the raining day?

Open a Cordros Investment Account today and enjoy competitive returns on your investment from any of these local and foreign investment opportunities available below:

Local Investment Offering    

  • Cordros Money Market Fund – The fund’s investment objective is to provide capital preservation and regular income to unit holders by investing in high-quality money market instruments. Minimum investment – N10,000
  • Cordros Dollar Fund: The fund is an actively managed open-ended unit trust scheme whose main objective is to achieve capital appreciation in the short to medium term for Investors with USD or convertible currencies. The Fund Manager’s investment philosophy focuses on long-term value creation and wealth protection. The fund is projected to return 4% to 8% p/aMinimum Investment – 5 units
  • Cordros Milestone Funds – This mutual fund is regulated by the Securities & Exchange Commission. It is a target dated funds which pursue a long-term investment strategy to manage the asset allocation (mix of asse​t classes) of the fund, to become more conservative as the target dates approach. Both funds are open-ended and constituted under a Trust Deed while their units shall be continuously offered to a wide pool of target investors. Minimum investment – N2,500
  • Cordros Liquidity Management – The investment objective of this product is to provide short to long duration fixed income solutions to clients with a mission of preserving capital and offering competitive yields. Rate depends on tenor (30, 60, 90, 180 & 365days) and size of fund – Minimum investment – N10m

Global Investment Offerings

  • Global Liquidity Management – Our Dollar Denominated Liquidity Management offers attractive and competitive rates for maturities ranging from 30days to 1year.  Minimum investment – $50,000.
  • Eurobonds – The investment alludes to governments, corporate and international syndicates, who are in need of foreign denominated borrowings for a specified duration. Eurobonds offer investors currency diversification and competitive returns in foreign currency investment. Minimum investment – $200,000
  • Foreign Equities – This investment option is carefully selected with the professional expertise of our portfolio manager. Minimum investment – $50,000
  • Eurobonds Notes – This solution seeks to achieve competitive and steady returns for retail investors by investing in USD denominated bonds issued by African sovereign or high-quality corporate entities; providing higher returns relative to bank deposits. Minimum investment – $5,000


Please do let me know if you require any clarification on any one in particular, Cordros corporate profile is attached for your review.

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