How Manufacturer Drive Consumers Taste about Classic Rolls-Royce

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With, owners of vintage cars can open up their garages and lease out the treasures inside for a day at a time.
A Rolls-Royce Ghost available on DriveShare.


Many Americans dream of driving fabulous, unique, vintage cars. The vast majority of Americans never get to actually do it.

Sure, we see them around—I live in Brooklyn and I don’t own a car, but as I walk around my neighborhood, I spy things: a Carman Ghia in robin’s-egg blue, a boxy Land Rover from the 1980s. And I wonder what it would be like, if only for a day, to tool around in a classic.

Well, it’s a whole lot easier to do that for real now, thanks to, a classic- and exotic-car rental company that used to be known as Classics & Exotics. In June, Hagerty, the insurance company for collector cars and boats, bought Classics & Exotics (for an undisclosed sum), and officially relaunched it this week as DriveShare. Classics & Exotics co-founder Peter Zawadzki was retained as director of DriveShare.

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