In 2017, any Organization or Business without a POS and Accounting Solution is in the DARK AGE!!! say Beta Boss

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Whatever is your business, you don’t have to work hard to get everything done. But you can work smart to get most things done with our industry specific POS and Accounting Solutions, with flexible payment options up to 12 months!

  • Pharmacy Accounting & Management Solution
  • Retail Enterprise Solution
  • Restaurant and Bar Management POS
  • Hotel Management and Billing Solution

  • atACC Pharmacies Accounting

  • Specialized module for pharmacies is the right solution for your pharmacy. It’s a full accounting and specialized inventory solution for pharmacies with functionalities including detailed drugs expiry dates tracking, alternative drugs selection functionality and doctors details/reports tracking. Reliable functionalities helps you

    • follow up with patients…
    • manage costly inventory…
    • track your deliveries with accuracy…
    • manage your data effectively…
    • maintain compliance in this highly regulated industry. And of course, your complete financial and management reports!

    Retail Enterprise

    Whatever your business may be, we will equip you with an end-to-end POS solution that helps increase efficiency and accuracy, lower operating costs, help you manage inventory, reduce theft and give you critical insight and effective control of your business for increased profitability and efficiency.

    1. Crucial Inventory Report
    2. Easy Accounting
    3. Analytical Reports Product Based

  • Restaurant and Bar Management POS that boost Profit and Efficiency

    Restaurant and Bar POS solution comes with a pretty easy-to-use Touch screen enabled interface and helps provide fast and efficient checkout of your patrons. It enables proper accounting, analysis and reporting of your sales and inventory with features such as Recipes management, Mobile for table-side ordering and remote kitchen printing. Our solution is flexible enough to be used by small and multi-location chains, suitable for all types of restaurants and bars including table service, quick service, fine dining, bars, lounges, canteens, etc.

  • Complete and Automated Hotel Management and Billing Solution

    Hotel Management and Billing Solution is an Affordable, Reliable and Easy to use management system used by Hotels, Motels, Guest Houses, Inns, Lodges and Self-Catering Apartment businesses of all types and sizes across the world. It has been one of the market leaders for Hotel & Motel Software in the hospitality and tourism industry since 1999 with outstanding features such as availability and occupancy at a glance with the colour coded Reservations and Occupancy chats . An optional integrated Accounting module enables end-to-end management information and reporting for Guest/property Reservation, POS and Accounting.

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