Independent background checks necessary for public officials

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Background check has been identified as one of the measures that could aid and strengthen the Nigerian government’s anti-corruption war.

Federal Secretariat Complex, Abuja
Federal Secretariat Complex, Abuja

Kola Olugbodi, Managing Director of Background Check International, made this known in an exclusive interview with PREMIUM TIMES in Lagos.

Mr. Olugbodi, a due diligence expert, said that the current campaign against corruption, as championed by the Muhammadu Buhari-led administration, would become more effective if the government took background check seriously.

Explaining the importance of background check, Mr. Olugbodi noted that past records of officials to be appointed into power must be thoroughly checked before their nominations are confirmed.

He, however, argued that to become effective and free of manipulation, the checks, unlike what currently obtains in the nation, should be handled by independent organisations with no affiliations with government officials or prospective political office holders.

“Some people who find themselves in power embezzled while in the university. Let independent organisations do the checks,” he said.

He also added that it will not only rid the system of corrupt individuals, the move will strengthen the nation’s anti-corruption war.

Explaining further, Mr. Olugbodi maintained that apart from the government, background checks are necessary for employers of labour, foreign investors and, even, indigenous business people, to forestall shady transactions and fraudulent deals.

“Infact, every Nigerian should embrace background check as a culture. Do not take information on its face value,” he added.

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