Information Minister Mohammed says Federal Government set to support dry season farming initiative in the state

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Today, the Minister of Information and National Orientation, Alhaji Idris Mohammed, arrived in Auyo, Jigawa State, to engage with local farmers and River Basin officials at a town hall meeting. The visit comes on the heels of a briefing about the remarkable achievements of the Federal Government-supported dry season farming initiative in the state.


Against the backdrop of the lush greenery and fertile fields of Auyo, Minister Alhaji Idris Mohammed addressed a gathering of farmers and key stakeholders from the River Basin authorities. The town hall meeting provided a platform for constructive dialogue and exchange of ideas regarding the ongoing dry season farming efforts supported by the Federal Government.


In his address, Minister Alhaji Idris Mohammed commended the dedication and hard work of the farmers, acknowledging their pivotal role in driving agricultural productivity and food security in Jigawa State. He emphasized the importance of collaboration between the government and local communities to harness the full potential of agricultural interventions.


The minister underscored the Federal Government’s commitment to supporting initiatives that promote sustainable agriculture and rural development. He highlighted the significance of the dry season farming program in diversifying the economy, reducing dependency on rain-fed agriculture, and empowering rural communities.

During the interactive session, farmers shared their experiences and insights, offering valuable feedback on the implementation of the dry season farming initiative. River Basin officials also provided updates on irrigation infrastructure projects and water management strategies aimed at enhancing agricultural productivity in the region.


Minister Alhaji Idris Mohammed reiterated the government’s resolve to address challenges facing farmers, including access to finance, mechanization, and market linkages. He pledged continued support for initiatives that empower farmers, improve livelihoods, and contribute to national food security goals.


As the town hall meeting concluded, Minister Alhaji Idris Mohammed expressed optimism about the future of agriculture in Jigawa State and reiterated the government’s unwavering commitment to fostering sustainable growth and prosperity in the agricultural sector. The gathering served as a testament to the collaborative efforts between the government, farmers, and stakeholders in driving agricultural transformation and rural development in Nigeria.

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