Is MultiChoice moving in the right direction?

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MultiChoice’s investment in African content makers is for who?

MultiChoice is moving in the right direction. The idea that Africans are somehow deserving of the most basic and terribly made content has in recent times more than ever proven to be a myth. I say this as a guy that writes a tech newsletter and is obsessed with the Real Housewives of Lagos.

Its Chief Executive, Calvo Mawela said that the company is pivoting its investment from mostly foreign content to more locally made content, that for the sake of God, I hope meets international standards, else HBO obsessive who had come to ShowMax to HBO content will just look for it anywhere.

People tend to go onto our decoder and use all the different platforms through us, the company recently started offering Disney Plus, adding a further revenue stream.

Many stories can be redeployed in different African countries and still resonate, adding to savings.

Showmax is relatively affordable starting at 1,200 naira. But I’ve always wondered if it really will be impossible for MultiChoice, the owners of DSTV to offer a single subscription for both Showmax and DSTV? What role will that play in making this investment an even bigger success now that users won’t be getting as much foreign content?

I wager a lot because there are more DStv subscribers than there are Showmax subscribers on the planet. And DSTV subscribers are more loyal than Showmax’ who they have to compete with Netflix aggressively for (Good luck with that).

Statista says that Showmax has over “861 thousand users.” An interesting lexical choice by the way – “users.” Just saying. While DStv has over 10.23 million subscribers.

They are very different content with very different audiences. But after paying for DSTV or Gotv which many households in Nigeria pay for, why should users pay for Showmax as well in a separate bundle? Why not offer them as the same bundle that is part of the DSTV/ShowmAX package? Will I feel compile to renew my DStv subscription, which I don’t watch a lot, if it comes with The Real Housewives of Lagos, which I watch a lot of, so that when I have a guest they watch CNN with me?

So yes, investment in more African content is good. but who is it for? DSTV or ShowmAX subscribers? Or both. Only Calvo Mawela will decide

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