Lagos Commodity and Futures Exchange sets to commence Operation as SEC grant approval

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has finally endorsed the application of Lagos Commodity and Futures Exchange (LCFE) being promoted by the Association of Securities Dealing Houses of Nigeria (ASHON) to operate as a full-fledged commodities and futures market.The Propose Lagos Commodity and Futures Exchange, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Mr Akin Akeredolu-Ale.

As a prelude to the historic approval, the Commission had earlier granted the LCFE, approval-in-principle. By the new approval, the commodities and futures market is set to leverage the assembled best talents to commence operations as an influential brand, established to unlock its true potential in the financial market.

Besides, SEC has also approved the appointment of the top management team to drive the operations of the new Exchange.

In a letter of approval, signed by head of Department, Registration, Exchange and Market Infrastructure of SEC, Mr. Emomotimi Agama, stated that, “In the exercise of the power conferred on it by the Investment and Securities Act (ISA) No 29 of 2007 and the Rules and Regulations made there-under, the Commission has granted your company, registration to perform the function of a commodities and futures exchange in the capital market with effect from June 14, 2019. By virtue of this registration, you are authorised to perform the function for which you are registered.”

Speaking on the approval, chairman of ASHON, Chief Patrick Ezeagu said, “SEC has shown a commitment to open up the commodities market ecosystem for ASHON’S initiative of floating LCFE to come to fruition. Congratulations to the market, the operators and the economy. We are really grateful to SEC, shareholders, and all our partners NSE, CSCS, technology providers etc that collaboratively birth this new baby.”

As a collective endorsement of the new organisation which has opened more opportunities for diversification of their businesses, stockbrokers had early this year converged at the corporate office of LCFE for on-the-spot assessment and appreciation of the facilities for trading. They commended ASHON for the initiative and registered their loyalty to the new trading platform. Also, many professional and technical groups have been identifying with the management of LCFE.

The cheery news of the approval has elicited jubilation among stockbrokers with torrents of congratulatory messages to ASHON and the management of LCFE. Analysts said that the Nigeria’s capital market was long overdue for a thriving commodities exchange in view of the ongoing occasional shocks in the international oil market and the federal government’s resolve to give agriculture a pride of place as the country’s major income driver

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