Leadway Agric Insurance Policy To Boost Food Production 

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Insurance for agriculture involves paying out premiums to the insurance company. The insurance company offering such services visits your farm, inspects the crop and animals as well as the structures. When evaluation is complete, the farmer gets the quote on which to pay the premium. Taking agriculture insurance is an important part of investment and give farmers protection against any misfortune in future.

Why is it important for farmers to take agriculture insurance?
Farmers who take insurance policies protect their crops, livestock, farming and harvesting practices from setbacks.

The first major benefit of taking this form of insurance is because it aids in fighting poverty. A natural disaster is unpredictable. When they happen, farmers who have invested heavily in agriculture gets their investment destroyed. This in turn makes them poor. If the farmer had bought the insurance, the companies compensate them. With money paid out, farmers are in place to reinvest in farming and other agricultural activities making them rich again.

Take the worry out of farming with any of our Agricultural insurance products. With our range of products, we offer insurance cover for your farm produce, crops, poultry, fish farm, livestock, machinery and equipment etc. against losses from fire, burglary/housebreaking, lightening, flood, explosion, windstorm and other perils by mitigating the impact of losses.

Leadway Poultry Insurance Policy

This policy covers your liability as a poultry farmer or investor in the event of death of your birds which may be caused directly by fire, flood, windstorm, lightning, accident and disease. The policy secures the capital you have invested and pays the assessed value of your birds in the event of death.

Leadway Fish Farm Insurance Policy

This policy insures your fishes against death and also insures the fish pond against any collapse as a result of an accident. In the event of death of your fish stock or collapse of the fish pond, the standard coverage provided by this policy will pay you the assessed value of the fish lost and the amount required to restore the fishpond back to its position respectively.

Leadway Farm Property and Produce Insurance Policy

This policy covers your farm against loss or damage to your farm property (e.g. warehouse and farm equipment) and agricultural produce that is caused directly by fire, lightning, flood, explosion and other covered perils. The benefit accruable to this policy is compensation when your farm property or agricultural produce has been damaged or destroyed by covered perils.

Leadway Multiperils Crop Insurance Policy

This policy insures your farm against the risk of physical loss or damages to crops which may arise from fire, lightning, flood, explosion and other covered perils. Upon the occurrence of any of such accident, the policy pays for the production costs of the crops lost from planting to the crops maturity stage.

Leadway Livestock Insurance Policy

This policy covers the liability of livestock against risks of death. The standard coverage provided by the policy pays you the assessed value of the lost livestock as a result of diseases, fire, flood, lightning, windstorm and accident.

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