MAN President explains why Nigerians should consume what we produce locally

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…… emphasized on the need for Nigerians to patronize what we produce locally–}


MAN President, in his welcome address to hundreds of exhibitor firms to Made –in Nigeria Products Exhibition, the like of Dangote Group, Afreximbank , Simonkk Electronics International Limited, Ibeto Petrochemical Ind Ltd; Indorama, African Industries Group, etc,

Engr. Mansur Ahmed, President of Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN), made this appealed to the country’s 200 million people , during the opening ceremony of the association annual’s Made –in Nigeria Products Exhibition which was declared opened today in Lagos, by Amb. Hassan Adamu (Wakili Adamawa).


Engr. Ahmed stressed that patronage and consumption of our local products can stem manufacturing sector from contraction.


“IT is time to consume what we produce locally and there are several reasons. First, the more we use made in Nigeria products, the more our manufacturers expand, the more they grow, and the more they employ people because if you double your production, you double your employment, too.”


“The more manufacturers create wages, and spread money in the economy.. They generate wealth as a whole, the richer the country becomes.


“So, to consume what we produce locally from textile to food and beverages, automotive, etc, is the best way to enrich our country, is the best way to spread wealth in the country and is the best way to alleviate poverty,” he said.


Ambassador Adamu, who declared the 3-days exhibitions opened, urged Nigerians to emulate the people of Japan, by consuming local products.


He recalled, “Centuries ago people regarded Japanese goods as inferior, and in the long-last, the Japanese patronized their manufacturers and pressed on them to improve on the quality, and they did, and today, Japanese products are the best in the world.

“That is why am telling Nigerians that it is only when you buy made in Nigeria products, you use it and you complain to the manufacturers to improve the quality, you put pressure on them and they will ; luckily, Nigerian manufacturers today have improved the quality of their products.


“So, my advice is use made in Nigeria, use what we produce; and no country can be great without supports of its own population. The problem of insecurity we are having today in Nigeria is caused by lack of jobs, and if manufacturers in Nigeria are being supported, they will create jobs and more opportunities that can help peace,” he said.


Segun Ajayi- Kadir, Director-General, MAN, also emphasized on the need for Nigerians to patronize what we produce locally, saying Nigerians should rise to insist our law makers should patronize locally made goods . If our lawmakers are not going to use what we produce, I wondered who would. “


“Buying and consuming what we produce locally is the way to go; there is no nation on earth that has become wealthy, famous, and has been able to improve the well-being of its people, that is not industrialized. The services industry is a multi-billion dollars business but how many people do they employ? . It is only manufacturing that can sustain employment and expand, the more you sell, the more you require people to produce more,” he said.

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