Marriage is not by force, stop sulking – KemI Olunloyo blasts Ubi Franklin, Esoro

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Controversial journalist, Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo, has waded into the rumoured split between actress Lilian Esoro and Triple MG boss, Ubi Franklin.

Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo
Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo

Kemi Olunloyo, also known online as the SnitchLady on her Instagram page addressed the couple as “Sulking couple” following the drama displayed by both on the social media.

She wrote: “My advice to these kids @Ubifranklintriplemg and @LilianEsoroo. How am I supposed to marry for the first time at 52 years when you two fucked up like this? Lawd, I want to slap you both silly.

“As for you Lillian, you don’t know the value of marriage. Don’t you dare try calling #MadamHNN a poor expert on marriage because I’ve never been, so let me straighten you out first. Single old hags are the best advisers.

“I don’t need a husband, a husband needs ME! You went in that marriage with the opposite attitude and exited with my motto. Ubi ain’t coming back for you.

“He’s regretting it all over #socialmedia but it’s a band aid. Bigger wound can’t be fixed! No be curse biko!

“Remember what I wrote to Toke Makinwa when she found out on #socialmedia that Anita Solomon was heavily pregnant for Maje?

“Leave him! No she didn’t she tried to patch things up doing meaningless videos with their portrait on the wall till the portrait finally got taken down, only to be telling me in a book now she contracted itchy vaginal crabs from him.

“You young ladies need to stop this internal suffering. The moment @EmmaNyra slid into your marriage, you should have taken charge. Instead, you were posting health tips on your wedding anniversary instead of leaving that to me a pharmacist/health reporter.

“Ignorance does not excuse STUPIDITY.

“Ubi was posting wedding pics. You girls keep mum for privacy sake when entertainment reporters are scooping facts instead of speaking out. Kudos to @tiwasavage who spoke out to Azuka before everything crashed on her. Ubi as for you, better fuckn move on with ur life.

“You and Maje are certified polygamists and “emotional abusers”. Marry many wives and end all your suffering.

“Leave Lilian alone and get off that I miss my wife marriage bullshit, she’s not here a year later.

Kemi further advised them to stop sulking and concentrate on taking care of their baby boy.

“All I wanna see now is an amicable relationship with Baby J getting good care from that TripleMG/TV salary dough.

“Take care of your son and don’t let me see anymore sulking online.

“Young people reading, marriage is not by force, if you must; do not let anyone in your home.

“Take Basketmouth’s advice, keep your partner off social media,” she added.

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