Minister Praises ANRML’s $600m Mining Facility, Advocates for Value Addition in Mining Operations

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During a visit to the $600 million African Natural Resources and Mines Limited (ANRML) facility in Kaduna state, the Minister of Mines and Steel Development commended the investors for their visionary approach in establishing one of the largest foreign investments in the mining sector. The Minister underscored the paramount importance of value addition in mining operations and praised ANRML’s commitment to iron-ore processing as a model for other mining companies to emulate.

Emphasizing the significance of value addition and beneficiation, the Minister highlighted ANRML’s iron-ore processing as a prime example of adding value to raw materials within the country. He urged other mining companies to prioritize value addition in their operations, emphasizing its role in enhancing economic growth, job creation, and industrial development.

Drawing parallels between ANRML’s success story and the broader economic restructuring efforts under the current administration, the Minister emphasized the need for resilience, courage, and the establishment of a solid foundation for transformation. He lauded ANRML’s contribution to economic diversification and underscored the pivotal role of the mining sector in driving sustainable development across Nigeria.

Expressing optimism about Nigeria’s journey towards economic prosperity, the Minister reiterated his belief that success is inevitable with determination and concerted efforts. He emphasized the government’s commitment to creating an enabling environment for investors, fostering innovation, and unlocking the full potential of the mining sector to drive inclusive growth and development.

The Minister’s visit to ANRML’s facility served as a testament to the government’s recognition of the importance of the mining sector in Nigeria’s economic agenda. It also reaffirmed the government’s commitment to partnering with stakeholders to harness the sector’s vast potential and contribute to the nation’s economic transformation.

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