MTN Nigeria Secures Strategic Network Partnership With ATC Nigeria

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In a significant development, MTN Nigeria has initiated a strategic agreement to lease its portfolio of 2,500 network sites to ATC Nigeria, marking a pivotal transition set to commence in 2025. This strategic deal comes as MTN Nigeria’s existing license for tower services, currently provided by IHS Nigeria Limited, approaches its expiration in 2024 and 2025.

The agreement underscores MTN Nigeria’s commitment to optimizing its network infrastructure, ensuring enhanced service quality for its customers, and strategically aligning its operations for the future.

By partnering with ATC Nigeria, a leading player in the telecommunications infrastructure industry, MTN Nigeria aims to unlock new opportunities for growth and innovation while maintaining its position as a telecommunications industry leader in Nigeria.

Under this lease agreement, ATC Nigeria will assume responsibility for the management and maintenance of the 2,500 network sites, encompassing towers, antennas, and associated infrastructure.

This strategic move allows MTN Nigeria to focus on its core business operations, including the delivery of cutting-edge telecommunications services to its ever-expanding customer base.

The timing of this transition is pivotal, as it coincides with the expiration of MTN Nigeria’s existing license agreements for tower services, providing a seamless pathway for the transfer of responsibilities to ATC Nigeria.

This ensures uninterrupted network operations and minimal disruption to MTN Nigeria’s customers during the transition period.

Both MTN Nigeria and ATC Nigeria have expressed their enthusiasm for this partnership, recognizing its potential to drive efficiency, innovation, and continued network expansion in Nigeria’s dynamic telecommunications landscape.

In a strategic, this leasing agreement signifies a strategic move by MTN Nigeria to optimize its network infrastructure and pave the way for a seamless transition of tower services to ATC Nigeria in 2025.

It underscores MTN Nigeria’s commitment to delivering top-quality telecommunications services while enhancing its operational efficiency and competitiveness in the Nigerian market. This development holds promise for improved connectivity and a brighter future for telecommunications in Nigeria.

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