Multinational Oil Companies Operating Double Standards, Says Dumpe

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Greenfield Campaigner and Peace Initiative Nigeria, . Boniface Dumpe saturday accused multinational oil establishments operating in the country of double standards, a practice which had contributed to decades of neglect of oil producing communities.

He said the joint venture programme between government and oil companies had constrained the former from exercising its regulatory responsibility over the latter.


Specifically, he said multinationals who adhere to prescribed standards in oil exploration and drilling practices elsewhere in the developed countries would deliberately abandon global standards in Nigeria because those who are supposed to monitor them are rather not doing their job.

Speaking on Arise Television, a sister broadcast arm of THISDAY Newspapers, he said from the time of production commenced in Nigeria, multinationals have operated double standards.

He said: “You can produce oil and not contaminate the environment to the extent that the health of the people is threatened. But in the Niger Delta you have low standards of operations to maximise profit. And that’s what has severely impacted the people. From the current oil spills, there’s constant flaring of gas that is supposed to be avoided.

“And the reason that is not done is to maximise profit and in this case, you compromise the health and the fundamental rights of the people in trying to maximise profit”, he added

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