NAICOM CEO Affirms Commitment to Drive Growth and Innovation in Nigerian Insurance Market

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The Commissioner for Insurance and CEO NAICOM, Mr. Segun Ayo Omosehin
During a meeting at his office in Abuja, the Commissioner for Insurance and CEO of the National Insurance Commission (NAICOM), Mr. Segun Ayo Omosehin, reiterated the Executive Management’s determination to foster growth and innovation within the Nigerian Insurance Market. Mr. Omosehin made these remarks while welcoming a delegation from the Governing Council of the Nigerian Insurers Association (NIA).
Mr. Omosehin emphasized the importance of driving growth and innovation to enhance the competitiveness of the Nigerian Insurance Market both regionally and globally. He highlighted the need for strategic initiatives and collaborative efforts to propel the industry forward and ensure its relevance in an evolving market landscape.
The Commissioner for Insurance affirmed NAICOM’s commitment to creating an enabling environment for innovation and expansion within the insurance sector. He emphasized the role of the Executive Management in spearheading initiatives aimed at modernizing operations, enhancing product offerings, and improving service delivery to consumers.
Mr. Omosehin underscored the significance of continuous engagement and partnership with industry stakeholders, including the NIA, to achieve collective goals and address emerging challenges. He expressed confidence in the Executive Management’s ability to lead the charge in driving growth, fostering innovation, and positioning the Nigerian Insurance Market for sustained success.
The meeting provided an opportunity for fruitful discussions between NAICOM and the NIA, focusing on collaborative strategies to advance the insurance industry’s agenda and promote consumer interests. It underscored the importance of leadership, vision, and strategic direction in navigating the dynamic landscape of the insurance sector and ensuring its long-term sustainability and competitiveness.

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