NAICOM Warns Public Against Fraudulent Recruitment Websites and False Claims”

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The National Insurance Commission (NAICOM) issued a public notice alerting individuals to fraudulent recruitment websites falsely claiming affiliation with the Commission. These websites are deceiving job seekers into applying for non-existent positions purportedly endorsed by NAICOM.

In a categorical statement, NAICOM emphasized that it does not endorse any recruitment website other than its official platform. It clarified that the Commission is not conducting any recruitment exercise nor offering grants or financial assistance programs at present. Any information suggesting otherwise is deemed false and should be dismissed.

NAICOM underscored that it will not assume responsibility for any losses, damages, or inconveniences resulting from interactions with fraudulent recruitment websites or individuals posing as representatives of the Commission.

To access accurate information regarding recruitment, grants, or any official communication from NAICOM, the public was advised to visit the Commission’s official website or utilize recognized communication channels to contact NAICOM directly.

The notice was signed by the Management of NAICOM, reaffirming the Commission’s commitment to transparency and cautioning the public against falling victim to fraudulent schemes.

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