“NCC Deputy Director Emphasizes Consumer Rights Protection at World Consumer Rights Day Celebration”

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In a resounding address at the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) headquarters in Maiatama, Abuja, Mr. Clem Omife, the Deputy Director of the Consumer Affairs Bureau, echoed the significance of World Consumer Rights Day on March 15th, 2024. Surrounded by esteemed dignitaries including the Executive Vice Chairman of the NCC, Executive Commissioners, Directors, and representatives from various sectors, Omife emphasized the paramount importance of consumer rights in telecommunications.




Quoting renowned economists and thinkers such as Adam Smith and John Wanamaker, Omife underscored the pivotal role consumers play in the telecom industry, describing them as the driving force behind the Commission’s activities. Drawing from Smith’s perspective that consumption is the ultimate purpose of production, and Wanamaker’s adage “Customer is King,” Omife highlighted the Commission’s commitment to consumer-centric initiatives aimed at safeguarding consumer rights.




Omife outlined several initiatives undertaken by the NCC to educate and empower consumers, including the Telecom Consumer Parliament, Market Conversations, Village Square Dialogue, Campus Conversations, NYSC Camp Sensitization, and Town Hall Radio sessions. Additionally, the Commission has published the Telecom Consumer Handbook in Braille for the visually impaired, demonstrating its dedication to inclusivity.




Furthermore, Omife revealed the Commission’s imminent deployment of an Automated Consumer Complaints Management system, designed to streamline complaint resolution processes and enhance consumer satisfaction. This system aims to provide consumers with efficient channels for lodging complaints and ensure prompt resolution, even at the initial stage with service providers.



Throughout his address, Omife reiterated the Commission’s unwavering commitment to prioritizing consumer welfare and protection, acknowledging consumers as the lifeblood of the telecommunications industry. He concluded by extending a warm welcome to all attendees at the 2024 Celebration of World Consumer Rights Day, emphasizing the continued collaboration between the NCC and consumers for a thriving telecom landscape.



As the applause filled the room, it was evident that the NCC’s dedication to consumer rights resonated deeply with all present, marking a significant milestone in the ongoing quest for consumer empowerment and protection in Nigeria’s telecommunications sector.

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