NCC Heralds the important of broadband networks in Nigerian Economy

The Nigerian Communications Commission –NCC- on its Special Day at the 2018 Lagos International Trade Fairs (LITF) held recently said the event provides the Commission a veritable platform to interact with consumers of telecommunications services while the fair lasts.

The Director, Consumer Affairs Bureau, NCC, Mrs Felicia Onwuegbuchulam said it is NCC firm belief that, facilitating and supporting the development and use of broadband networks, will create a better platform of economic growth, innovation, job creation, and global competitiveness by fostering increased strategic support for technology startups and business across different sector

Onwuegbuchulam pointed out that the fair also affords us the opportunity to present NCC’s activities directed at improving consumers’ quality of experience in telecoms services delivery adding that the theme of this year’s LITF: “Connecting Business, Creating Value” is in consonance with the overarching mission of the NCC which is to support a market-driven communications industry and promote universal access – to individuals, business and organizations.

To achieve this ecosystem, the director said the NCC inline with its mandates facilitates the investment in and entry into the Nigeria’s telecoms market to promote the supply of communications services, equipment and facilities, and ensure availability, accessibility and affordability of services to consumers, who are increasingly depending on ICT/telecoms to conduct personal and business activities on daily basis.

“Furthermore, the commission promotes fair competition in the communications industry to ensure level-playing ground for all players in the telecoms value chain, and also protect communications services from misuse of market power or ant-competitive and unfair practices.

“Having achieved appreciable boost in telephony access and in its pursuit to accomplish broader digital inclusion through pervasive internet access, the commission has taken concrete measures to deepen broadband penetration, a target which occupies number one position on the 8-Point Agenda of the current NCC leadership.

“The effective regulatory regime put in place by the NCC in the telecoms sector has created greater multiplier effects on businesses in different sectors of the Nigerian economy. Thus, the old ‘brick and mortar’ approach of running businesses has given way to a more innovative and ICT/telecoms-driven approach with enhanced efficiency in service delivery.

“Convinced that broadband connectivity and a thriving environment for new technologies and services are required to create more value for businesses and individuals, the commission has issued licences to a category of telecoms players called Infrastructure Companies (INFRACOS). According to her, the INFRACOS will complement the existing telecoms infrastructure towards providing pervasive broadband services across the hooks and crannies of the country.

Onwuegbuchulam who ate her breakfast before the enemy eats its, saying “Without doubt, telecoms services promote efficiency for players in the banking and finance, medicine, commerce, education, oil and gas, art and culture, agriculture and other sectors of the economy. As regulator, we will continue in our quest for massive digital inclusion in the ecosystem, added she.

At this point, she said, it is worthy of mentioning that telecom consumers are the pay masters and the target beneficiaries of all NNC’s activities as they enjoy primary focus in our scheme of operations.

Furthermore, said the commission constantly requires that consumers receive good quality services, value for money spent, timely and fair redress of complaints and protection from unwholesome practices by the service providers. It is on this premise that NCC’s participation at Lagos International Trade Fair is of immense benefit to telecoms consumers, she stress.


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