New Book Sheds Light on Social Responsibility Practices in Nigeria and Beyond

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In their latest book, authors Wole Adamolekun and Rotimi Olatiunji delve into the world of corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices in Nigeria, Africa, and globally.

The book scrutinizes the motives driving organizations’ CSR initiatives, particularly in Nigeria and many African countries, where the pursuit of publicity, visibility, acceptance, and eventual profit often overshadows the genuine altruistic intentions of fostering sustainable development in their communities. In contrast, the book highlights global CSR projects as exemplary and enduring legacies.

One significant aspect of the book is how it evaluates CSR practices during the COVID-19 era, showcasing the efforts of multinational pharmaceutical and health organizations such as Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca, Moderna, and others that offered hope to humanity through CSR initiatives.

The authors, drawing from their extensive expertise and experience as private and public administrators, entrepreneurs, managers, teachers, and researchers in public relations and advertising, strike a balance between theory and practice, enhancing their content with insightful case studies.

They emphasize the importance of aligning CSR activities with relevant theories for success and to mitigate failures.While the book covers various aspects of social responsibility at both micro and macro levels, some readers might find a chronological organization of topics, either by context or geography, more reader-friendly.

Nevertheless, the authors’ deliberate approach captures key dimensions of social responsibility.”Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development” is a valuable resource for a diverse audience. It serves as a masterpiece for researchers, academics, and students seeking fresh and comprehensive perspectives on the subject.

Additionally, it is a must-read for professionals in public relations, advertising, marketing, and communications, as well as for managers and owners of small and medium-scale enterprises, and even conglomerates. The book offers insights into building and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with stakeholders to foster sustainable development in society.

Rapheal Olugbenga ABIMBOLA, Ph.D., Acting Head of the Department of Mass Communication at Adekunle Ajasin University in Akungba-Akoko, Ondo State, Nigeria, provides high praise for the book and recommends it as an essential read for anyone interested in the world of CSR and sustainable development.

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