“NIDO Russia Disassociates from Unauthorized Information Spread by Impostor, Calls for Vigilance Against Fraudulent Activities”

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In a bid to address a disturbing trend of fraudulent activities, the Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation Europe Russia (NIDO) has taken a decisive stand to distance itself from unauthorized information disseminated by an individual masquerading as a representative of NIDO Russia. The organization, through its Chairman, Sampson Uwem-Edimo, and supported by key members, convened a virtual meeting to publicly denounce the deceptive actions of one Godwin Ibe, who has been misleading the public under the guise of NIDO Russia.





During the virtual meeting, Chairman Sampson Uwem-Edimo unequivocally stated NIDO Russia’s disassociation from any information not authorized by the organization. He emphasized the importance of setting the record straight amidst a wave of misinformation propagated by the impostor. Mr. Uwem-Edimo clarified that the individual in question, claiming to be Chairman of NIDO Russia, has never been a member of the organization, rendering his actions fraudulent and unauthorized.




Highlighting the gravity of the situation, Mr. Uwem-Edimo revealed that the impostor had been making unsubstantiated statements on sensitive matters such as politics and terrorist attacks in Moscow, actions that NIDO Russia vehemently disavows. He underscored the organization’s commitment to protecting its trademark and reputation, stating that legal actions were being pursued to prevent further misuse of NIDO Russia’s identity and domain name.



Echoing Mr. Uwem-Edimo’s sentiments, Dr. Ayo Ojajune, the First Chairman of NIDO Russia and Board Member, condemned the nefarious activities of the impostor. He assured that NIDO possesses the necessary mechanisms to address the situation effectively and bring the perpetrators to justice.




Dr. Bashir Obasekola, Continental Chairman of NIDO Europe, expressed dismay at the orchestrated attempts to tarnish the organization’s image. He urged vigilance and called on the Nigerian press to exercise caution in disseminating information, emphasizing the need to combat misinformation and preserve the integrity of the organization and the nation as a whole.




The resolute stance taken by NIDO Russia underscores its unwavering commitment to transparency, integrity, and accountability. As the organization navigates through these challenges, it remains steadfast in its mission to serve the interests of Nigerians in the diaspora and uphold the values of trust and credibility.

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