Nigeria Customs Service Implements E-Auction Initiative for Inclusive Disposal of Seized/Overtime Goods, Raises Over N500 Million

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In a move towards modernization and transparency, the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) has introduced an E-Auction initiative aimed at inclusive disposal of seized and overtime goods. Abdullahi Aliyu Maiwada, the National Public Relations Officer of the Nigeria Customs Service, confirmed the successful outcome of the initiative, revealing that the NCS has raised over N500 million through the electronic auction of seized vehicles from January 16 to February 13.

According to him, the E-Auction initiative marks a significant milestone in the NCS’s efforts to promote inclusivity and transparency in its operations. By leveraging digital platforms for auctioning seized assets, the NCS aims to streamline the process, enhance public participation, and foster trust among stakeholders.

Under the new initiative, he stressed out that individuals and businesses can participate in the auction process remotely, eliminating geographical barriers and promoting broader participation. This inclusive approach not only maximizes revenue generation for the government but also ensures fair and equitable access to seized assets for prospective buyers.

“The adoption of electronic auctioning is part of the NCS’s broader strategy to embrace technology-driven solutions for enhancing efficiency and accountability. By digitizing the auction process, the NCS aims to minimize human intervention, reduce the risk of corruption, and enhance the integrity of the disposal process.

Furthermore, the E-Auction initiative underscores the NCS’s commitment to good governance and responsible asset management. By adhering to transparent and accountable auctioning procedures, the NCS seeks to demonstrate its commitment to upholding ethical standards and preserving public trust in its operations.

The success of the E-Auction initiative reflects the growing acceptance of digital transformation within the NCS and underscores the potential of technology to drive innovation and improve service delivery in the public sector.

Looking ahead, the NCS remains committed to refining and expanding the E-Auction platform to encompass a wider range of seized and overtime goods. By embracing innovation and inclusivity, the NCS aims to set new standards for transparency, efficiency, and accountability in the disposal of seized assets, ultimately contributing to the overall economic development of Nigeria.

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