Nigeria Customs Service Thwarts Food Smuggling Operation to Niger Republic

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The Nigeria Customs Service (NSC) has reported a significant interception by the joint border patrol team in Sokoto, Sector IV, halting the illicit transportation of large quantities of food destined for Niger Republic.

Kolapo Oladeji, the coordinating comptroller, revealed that customs officers seized several trucks in the Kajji community along the Sokoto-Kebbi road. These trucks were loaded with food items and were reportedly bound for the neighboring Niger Republic via the Kebbi border.

Oladeji emphasized the determination of the customs authorities to combat food smuggling, especially given the current situation. He reiterated their commitment to leaving no stone unturned in preventing the illegal outflow of food commodities from the country.

The successful interception underscores the vigilance and effectiveness of the joint border patrol team in Sokoto, Sector IV, in enforcing border security and curbing illicit activities. It also sends a strong message of deterrence to smugglers and underscores the government’s resolve to safeguard Nigeria’s food security and economic interests.

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