“Nigerian Shippers’ Council Applauded for Eastern Port Haulage Rate Review, Urged to Extend Engagement to Western Ports”

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In a commendable move hailed by the National Association of Maritime Transport Operators (NAMTOP), the Nigerian Shippers’ Council (NSC) has undertaken a pivotal engagement with stakeholders of the Eastern port to review the haulage rate. This proactive initiative marks a significant stride towards establishing a fair and sustainable haulage rate system, fostering mutual benefits across the maritime industry’s spectrum.


Expressing appreciation for this laudable effort, NAMTOP underscores the importance of inclusivity and equitable representation in such critical deliberations. As a key stakeholder in the western ports, NAMTOP eagerly awaits a parallel engagement by the NSC. While acknowledging the joint initiation of the process in 2023, NAMTOP laments the absence of its conclusive fruition, urging the council to expedite action to ensure comprehensive stakeholder involvement and prompt resolution.


Central to NAMTOP’s advocacy is the insistence on fairness and transparency in participant selection for the engagement. Emphasizing the imperative of equal opportunity for all relevant stakeholders to contribute to the haulage rate review, NAMTOP highlights the necessity for broad-based acceptance and effective implementation of the engagement outcomes.


In extending gratitude to the NSC for its dedication to fostering fairness and sustainability in the Eastern port’s haulage rate framework, NAMTOP reiterates its anticipation of a comparable engagement in the western ports. Through this correspondence, signed by Adisa Moshood Olaitan on behalf of NAMTOP, the maritime community echoes its collective call for collaborative endeavors aimed at advancing the industry’s interests and enhancing operational efficacy.


As the NSC continues its pivotal role in facilitating constructive dialogues and policy refinements within the maritime sector, NAMTOP remains steadfast in its commitment to fostering synergy and progress for all stakeholders involved.

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