Nigerian Telcos Record N53.6Bn Revenue from SMS in 2022, Serving Over 14.08Bn Messages

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In a remarkable financial feat, Nigerian telecommunication giants including MTN, GlobalCom, Airtel, 9Mobile, and Smile Communications, reported an impressive combined revenue of N53.6 billion from SMS services in the year 2022. This significant windfall was achieved by delivering and facilitating the transmission of a staggering 14.08 billion text messages, each priced at N4.00 per message.

The annual report released by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) unveiled the remarkable success of the nation’s telecom industry. The data highlighted the widespread utilization of SMS services among the Nigerian population, as millions of customers engaged in personal communication, business transactions, and various other interactions through text messages.

The leading telecom providers, MTN, GlobalCom, Airtel, 9Mobile, and Smile Communications, emerged as key players in this achievement, effectively capitalizing on the growing demand for instant messaging. These companies strategically leveraged their extensive network coverage and innovative service offerings to meet the diverse needs of their customers.

The revenue figures not only underscored the financial strength of these telecom giants but also showcased the evolving communication landscape in Nigeria. As individuals and businesses increasingly relied on text messaging for various purposes, the telecom industry’s contribution to the country’s economy became even more pronounced.

The NCC’s report further indicated that the success of SMS services was not just limited to urban areas but extended to rural regions as well, contributing to the overall digital inclusion efforts of the nation. This widespread adoption of text messaging also reflected the affordability and accessibility of the service, making it an essential communication tool for people across different socio-economic backgrounds.

The Nigerian telecom industry’s collective revenue of N53.6 billion from SMS services in 2022, driven by the transmission of over 14.08 billion messages, showcased the industry’s prowess in meeting the evolving communication needs of the nation. This achievement stands as a testament to the growing role of technology in shaping Nigeria’s socio-economic landscape.

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