NIM inducts 102 senior military officers

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The Nigerian Institute of Management has inducted 102 senior military officers as qualified members.

It induction was held during the executive training for membership and upgrade programme for selected officers at the National Defence College in Abuja.

The President and Chairman of Council, NIM, Prof. Olukunle Iyanda, charged the military personnel to abide by the codes of the institute and shun acts of corruption.

Speaking on the sidelines of the event, Iyanda said, “About 102 senior officers of the armed forces were inducted and we hope that our code of conduct will permeate all their actions, which is why we emphasised the need for them to be above board and do things in the right way for the good and betterment of our dear country.”

The NIM president lamented the delay in the prosecution of cases that had to do with corruption, and called for speedy punishment of guilty public and private individuals in order to serve as a deterrent to others.

He said, “When people do anything that compromises the objectives and aspirations of the country, they should be punished and punished timely. All these extended trials, when people are standing trial for five or six years, do not actually have impact.

“When you have people tried over so many years, and in some of those cases, you see the trials on the pages of newspapers and you do not see people actually go to jail or pay for their violations, it does not have any effect and does not serve as a check to the others. You perpetuate the practice that is unwholesome for the country.”

Iyanda stated that the intstitue’s partnership with the NDC would help eliminate and guard against corruption in the military, as officers would be bound, not only by their professional codes, but also by that of the NIM.

“When people violate these, they are not only punished professionally, but also in terms of the management professional ethics. We believe that all our courses and programmes are geared towards making people perform their duties to the best of their abilities and in accordance with best practices globally,” he said.

He warned that it would be unacceptable for the 102 newly-inducted senior military officers and other professional managers in the armed forces to be listed among the corrupt public servants.

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