NNPC Ltd Affirms Supportive Role in IOC Divestment: Prioritizing Energy Security at Nigerian International Energy Summit 2024″

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Mr. Mele Kyari speaks during the International Panel Session at the opening ceremony of the Nigeria International Energy Summit (NIES) 2024, held at the International Conference Centre in Abuja, on Monday.


In a resounding declaration of commitment to Nigeria’s energy security and sustainable development, the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited (NNPC Ltd) has emphasized its facilitative role in the divestment process of International Oil Companies (IOCs) from onshore and shallow water assets within the country. At the forefront of this assurance is Mr. Mele Kyari, the Group Chief Executive Officer of NNPC Ltd, who conveyed the corporation’s stance during the opening ceremony of the 7th edition of the Nigerian International Energy Summit 2024 (NIES 2024) held at the State House in Abuja.

Amidst an assembly of key industry and governmental figures, including distinguished personalities such as Haitham al-Ghais, Secretary-General of OPEC, and Omar Farouk Ibrahim, Secretary-General of the African Petroleum Producers’ Organization, Mr. Kyari underscored NNPC Ltd’s pivotal role as the largest partner to all oil-producing companies in Nigeria. He clarified that the corporation’s mandate, as the enabler of national energy security, is to facilitate a smooth transition in the divestment process, ensuring optimal and sustainable production from the divested assets to secure energy resources for the nation’s benefit.

Furthermore, Mr. Kyari expressed NNPC Ltd’s proactive approach towards ensuring sustainable funding for energy projects in Africa, revealing the corporation’s willingness to invest in the proposed African Energy Bank. This strategic investment initiative aims to bolster energy infrastructure and drive energy security across the continent.


Mr. Mele Kyari delivers an address at the Opening Ceremony of the Nigeria International Energy Summit (NIES) 2024, held at the International Conference Centre in Abuja, on Monday


Highlighting significant strides in energy infrastructure development, Mr. Kyari provided updates on the progress of critical projects, including the Obiafu-Obrikom-Oben Pipeline. Notably, he revealed that tunnelling activities across the River Niger were currently underway, signaling the imminent completion of this crucial pipeline project.

Looking ahead, Mr. Kyari affirmed NNPC Ltd’s unwavering commitment to collaborating with stakeholders to bridge the energy deficit gap and foster prosperity for Nigerians. With a forward-looking perspective, he projected that all issues pertaining to energy scarcity in the country would be effectively addressed within the next decade, underlining the corporation’s dedication to achieving sustainable energy security and national development objectives.

The Nigerian International Energy Summit 2024 served as a pivotal platform for fostering dialogue, collaboration, and strategic partnerships among industry stakeholders and government representatives. With a shared vision for advancing Nigeria’s energy sector, participants reaffirmed their collective commitment to driving innovation, investment, and sustainable development in the nation’s energy landscape.

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