NPA Boss Denying Nigerians the right to Know

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NPA Managing Director, Hadiza Bala Usman

It was the simplest of questions: Adam, where are you?! Adam didn’t need to be a historian or geographer to indicate where he was. Yet, the Bible told us Adam went round and round, until it became apparent he wasn’t either interested in answering the question or the question to him was totally irrelevant.

Personally, one would have thought such semantics ended with the Biblical book of Genesis, until the night the Ship Owners Association of Nigerian (SOAN) organised the 4th All Nigerian Shipowners Annual Workshop and Dinner in Oriental Hotel Victoria Island Lagos!

Amiable, highly informed, urbane and a truly competent gentleman, Dr. Sekonte Davies was similarly asked the simplest of question: Government/ NPA  is paying billions for a dredging contract already awarded in the Niger Delta; how soon do we expect it to be completed and delivered??!

So simple, yet the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) Executive Director, Marine and Operations rather than answer it, adopted the Adamic principle!

Are we to believe Sir, that because the dredging is taking place in the Niger Delta, it can only have a starting date and never a completion date?

Are we truly to believe that Dr. Sekonte in all honesty does not know the likelihood period or range the Contract would take before being completed? Honest ignorance or pure semantic?!

If he knew, why wasn’t he telling Nigerians?

If he truly didn’t, what confidence does he expect the ordinary Nigerian to have that the NPA had not lured the Federal Government into pouring such stupendous funds down the drain?

The Managing Director, Hadiza Bala Usman has transformed the Nigerian Ports Authority into a stainless organisation, in terms of transparency, integrity and focus. To protect and sustain this vision, Nigerians expect nothing less from everyone within the system to avail them the Right to Know

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