NSIB Urges Aviation Industry Professionals to Refrain from Speculations on Jabiru Aircraft Crash in Lagos

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The Nigerian Safety Investigation Bureau (NSIB) has called on stakeholders and professionals in the country’s aviation industry to avoid making speculative comments regarding the recent Jabiru J430 aircraft crash in Lagos. The incident occurred at Oba Akran area on a Tuesday and involved two pilots.

Mr. Tunji Oketunbi, representing NSIB, expressed his concern during an interview with aviation journalists in Lagos, emphasizing the importance of refraining from making categorical statements about the cause of a serious incident or accident until the official investigation findings are made public. He emphasized that as professionals in the field, they should adhere to the rules and standards set by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) for accident investigations.

ICAO Annex 13 outlines the process for conducting an accident investigation, stipulating that a preliminary report should be released within 30 days of the occurrence and a final report within 12 months, following the completion of the investigation. Oketunbi assured that NSIB would conduct a thorough investigation into the accident and share actionable recommendations with the public to prevent similar occurrences in the future.

The NSIB representative warned that speculations and premature comments could tarnish the country’s reputation globally and called on commentators to wait for the official outcome of the investigation before sharing their personal opinions with the public. He emphasized the need for objectivity and adherence to professional standards.

Oketunbi emphasized, “This is an aviation industry, and we must not be seen to be commenting from the position of ignorance. Aviation is highly regulated, and we adhere to the standards and recommended practices of ICAO, which is the minimum.”

He urged the media to exercise caution and refrain from publishing inaccurate reports about the crash. It is important to note that the aircraft involved in the crash had the registration number: 5N CCQ and was a Jabiru J430 light single-engine aircraft on its way to Ibadan for a test flight.

The NSIB is committed to conducting a thorough and professional investigation to determine the cause of the accident and take necessary steps to prevent similar incidents in the future. All stakeholders are urged to cooperate with the investigation process and wait for the official reports before drawing any conclusions about the tragic event.

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