Paul Bulcke to speak at 2017Shared Value Leadership Summit, New York

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“When it comes to driving social change, the folks behind the Shared Value Leadership Summit are on top of their game. Over 400 leaders in a variety of fields unite to design innovative business strategies that can make big money and positively impact the world. This conference provides unique opportunities to connect with influential people, build new partnerships, and take on projects with social purpose.”


The Nestle Company will be going to the 2017 SHARED VALUE LEADERSHIP SUMMIT as speaker and Principal sponsors. SHARED VALUE INITIATIVE, the Organiser said the Shared Value Leadership Summit is now the premier venue for executives focused on building social and business value that enables innovation, growth, and prosperity.

Paul Bulcke CEO Nestlé

The event will holds on Tuesday 9 through to Wednesday 10 of May,2017 in New York, the seventh annual Summit will focus on building a shared value ecosystem of cross-sector partners and tangible opportunities for collaboration, gathering hundreds of senior leaders in candid dialogues and unique networking opportunities that don’t happen anywhere else. For innovative organizations, it’s the prime destination to showcase leadership, reach influencers, find partners, and advance the field, it was added.


In 2017, Summit sponsorship will include the opportunity for organizations to participate in a unique three-hour “Partnership Marketplace,” a core feature of the May 10 agenda. Sponsor organizations will receive dedicated space to provide potential partners with information and resources on their shared value opportunities, and/or to identify a social issue of importance around which they would like to convene outside partners. The session will offer enhanced visibility and one-on-one interactions with the Summit audience, and offer opportunities for your organization to meet its shared value execution and partnership goals through tactical networking and practical deal-making.


Each year, the Summit plenaries feature more than 10 CEO or Chairman-level speakers, providing powerful strategic vision on the future of shared value.


As a Principal sponsor, Paul Bulcke CEO Nestlé will opening plenary: Creating the Conditions for Long-Termism – Executive Dialogue Executive plenary conversations, table discussions, inspiring practitioner stories, in-depth workshops, structured partnership networking, live polling, and an intuitive conference app highlight successful shared value approaches and new opportunities for investment and collaboration.

It was disclosed that each year the Shared Value Leadership Summit audience is comprised of 450 in-person delegates and an additional 2,000+ participants joining via livestream. Hailing from more than 55 countries, the Summit audience includes the world’s largest global brands, NGOs, public sector leaders, the investor community, academics and researchers and other stakeholders. Collectively this group represents the shared value vanguard – those who are moving their organizations forward with the belief that the private sector has the power to address pressing social issues in a way that changes lives and builds business value

In the same vein: Nestle who double as speaker and sponsor of 2017 Shared Value Leadership Summit has Nestle Creating Shared Value programme running in Nigeria over the years made of 39 commitments with aim to meet by 2020 or earlier, to support our long-term goal of Creating Shared Value. The company explores the interactive graphic to find out how they are doing.

Furthermore, in Nigeria and West Africa sub region, Nestle is creating shared value through provision of clean environment, water, healthcare, nutrition, safe toilets, encourage girls to attend school through educational materials. With track records of how they are investing in sustainable development in Africa.


The organizer of 2017 Shared Value Leadership Summit, SHARED VALUE INITIATIVE  said our innovative partners have come together to build a strong and engaged community around shared value knowledge and practice, featuring some of the world’s leading brands. These organizations are leading the way on shared value adoption and have committed to moving the intersection of business growth and social impact into the mainstream.

“Shared value is not social responsibility, philanthropy, or sustainability, but a new way for companies to achieve economic success.” Michael E. Porter and Mark Kramer, “Creating Shared Value,” Harvard Business Review

Shared value is a management strategy in which companies find business opportunities in social problems. While philanthropy and CSR focus efforts focus on “giving back” or minimizing the harm business has on society, shared value focuses company leaders on maximizing the competitive value of solving social problems in new customers and markets, cost savings, talent retention, and more.

More companies are now building and rebuilding business models around social good, which sets them apart from the competition and augments their success. With the help of NGOs, governments, and other stakeholders, business has the power of scale to create real change on monumental social problems.

About the Summit

Are you ready to change the world? There’s a growing movement of leaders coming together across sectors and industries to tackle the monumental problems we face today as a society, and they’re using the power of profit to make a big impact. They’re transforming systems and changing the world — one business strategy at a time. This is Shared Value.   At the 2017 Shared Value Leadership Summit, join over 400 leaders from companies, nonprofits, and governments to start innovating the real business solutions that our world urgently needs. Be inspired by senior-level speakers driving shared value approaches, test models with other practitioners, and network with new partners to truly make change happen.

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