PBATMedia Centre Strengthens Collaboration with Ministry of Marine and Blue Economy to Boost Digital Presence and Information Dissemination

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Leadership and key representatives of the PBATMedia Centre convened a pivotal meeting with the Honourable Minister of Marine and Blue Economy, His Excellency Gboyega Isiaka Oyetola, at his office in FCT Abuja. Led by Hon. Dada Olusegun, Special Assistant on Social Media to President Tinubu, the gathering aimed to foster closer ties and explore avenues for promoting the policies and initiatives of the Ministry.


Among the notable attendees were Mr. Oluwatobi Matthew, Director-General of the PBATMedia Centre; Mr. John Fanimokun, Deputy Director-General overseeing operations and strategies; Ms. Theresa Thekenah, Deputy Director-General in charge of administration and finance, and other distinguished members.


The Ministry of Marine and Blue Economy, established under the leadership of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, is a testament to the administration’s commitment to harnessing the potential of the blue economy. With a focus on sustainable ocean resource utilization, the Ministry seeks to revolutionize Nigeria’s maritime industry and significantly contribute to the nation’s economic growth. Experts believe that this sector holds immense potential to bolster Nigeria’s GDP and tap into a global economic activity projected to generate trillions of dollars in revenue.


Aligned with this vision, the PBATMedia Centre eagerly anticipates the Ministry’s role in propelling Nigeria to new economic heights, fostering shared prosperity for all citizens.


Hon. Dada expressed gratitude to the Minister for the opportunity to collaborate and reiterated the PBATMedia community’s steadfast commitment to supporting President Tinubu’s vision for a Renewed Hope Nigeria.


In response, Minister Oyetola welcomed the collaboration, granting approval for digital coverage of the Ministry’s activities. He emphasized the importance of a synergistic partnership between the Ministry and the Media Centre, aimed at delivering accurate, timely, and informative content to the Nigerian populace. Such efforts would foster understanding and transparency regarding the Ministry’s endeavors and aspirations.


In closing, the discussions between PBATMedia Centre and the Ministry of Marine and Blue Economy yielded promising outcomes for collaboration. With a shared commitment to transparency, innovation, and effective communication, both entities are poised to advance the national agenda and usher in a new era of prosperity and progress for Nigeria’s maritime sector and the nation as a whole.

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