PPP Arrangement: Yuan Resources Ltd to Deploy Revenue Assurance Platform in Lottery and Gaming Sector

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During the Federal Executive Council’s recent two-day meeting, significant milestones were reached with the approval of a groundbreaking project in the lottery and gaming sector. Messrs Yuan Resources Ltd has been granted a concession to deploy a revenue assurance platform for a duration of 15 years under a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) arrangement. The project will be executed using the Design, Finance, Build, Operate, and Transfer (DFBOT) option.

The revenue assurance platform, developed by Yuan Resources Ltd, aims to enhance transparency, accountability, and revenue generation in the lottery and gaming sector. Through advanced technology and innovative strategies, the platform will optimize revenue collection, minimize leakages, and ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

Under the terms of the concession, Yuan Resources Ltd will design, finance, build, operate, and eventually transfer the revenue assurance platform to the government after 15 years of operation. This PPP arrangement signifies a collaborative effort between the private sector and the government to modernize and streamline operations in the lottery and gaming industry.

The decision to award the concession to Yuan Resources Ltd reflects the government’s commitment to promoting efficiency and accountability in revenue generation across various sectors. By leveraging private sector expertise and resources, the government aims to enhance revenue collection while fostering economic growth and development.

As the project progresses, stringent monitoring and oversight mechanisms will be put in place to ensure compliance with contractual obligations and regulatory standards. The Federal Executive Council will continue to monitor the implementation of the project to ensure its success and effectiveness in achieving its objectives.

The deployment of the revenue assurance platform by Yuan Resources Ltd represents a significant milestone in the government’s efforts to modernize and optimize revenue collection processes in the lottery and gaming sector. With the support of the private sector, the government is poised to achieve greater transparency, efficiency, and accountability, ultimately benefiting both the industry and the Nigerian economy as a whole.

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