Profiling Mr. Rasaaq Salami: Ascending to Director, Human Resources & Administration at NAICOM

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Rasaaq Salami – Director, Human Resources & Administration NAICOM
Mr. Rasaaq Salami’s recent promotion to Director, Human Resources & Administration at the National Insurance Commission (NAICOM) marks a significant advancement in his career trajectory within the organization.
Having distinguished himself through years of dedicated service and exemplary performance, Mr. Salami has ascended from his previous role to assume leadership in overseeing NAICOM’s human resources and administrative functions. His promotion reflects not only his professional capabilities but also his commitment to fostering organizational excellence and employee welfare.
Throughout his previous position , Mr. Salami demonstrated a deep understanding of human capital management, strategic planning, and operational efficiency. His leadership has been instrumental in implementing robust policies, nurturing talent development initiatives, and cultivating a conducive work environment within the Commission.
In his new capacity as Director of Human Resources & Administration, Mr. Salami is poised to further elevate NAICOM’s organizational effectiveness by ensuring alignment between human resources strategies and the Commission’s overarching goals. His proactive approach to personnel management and administrative oversight will play a pivotal role in sustaining NAICOM’s reputation as a leader in insurance regulation and governance.
Mr. Salami’s promotion underscores NAICOM’s commitment to nurturing talent and promoting internal growth opportunities for deserving professionals. His leadership journey exemplifies integrity, dedication, and a steadfast commitment to advancing NAICOM’s mission in the dynamic landscape of insurance regulation.
Stakeholders and colleagues alike recognize Mr. Rasaaq Salami as a pivotal figure in shaping NAICOM’s future, and his continued contributions are anticipated to further strengthen the Commission’s operational framework and strategic objectives.
“Your promotion comes from the above and it shall be well with you”

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