Reps: AMCON Amendment Bill coming

AmconThe Chairman, House of Representatives Committee on Banking and Currency, Hon. Jones Chukwudi Onyereri, said the House  will in the next one or two weeks present the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON) Amendment Bill before the House of Representatives.

The bill is seeking to further empower and embolden AMCON with more powers to go after its chronic obligors.

Hon. Onyereri who made the declaration when he led other members of the committee on a routine oversight function at  AMCON head office in Abuja, said the  House  Committee on Banking and Currency owe it a duty to Nigerians as mandated by the constitution to visit some of the critical institutions such as AMCON to review their budget performance within the financial year.

After a grilling session following AMCON 2018 budget performance presentation by the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of AMCON, Mr. Ahmed Kuru, the lawmaker, reaffirmed the commitment of the House to support AMCON recover the huge outstanding debt in the hands of a few recalcitrant obligors.

Providing an insight into how exactly the House would aide recovery in the next financial year, Hon. Onyereri said: “As speak to you now, I want to assure you that this committee, which I humbly serve as chairman would in the next one or two weeks submit the AMCON Amendment Bill to the House of Representatives for the third reading after which it would be moved to the Senate for final delibration.”

The committee has worked tirelessly to ensure that when the Bill is passed, AMCON will be further empowered to deliver on their mandate.

AMCON,  he added, remains an interventionist institution of the Federal Government, which falls under the purview of the House Committee’s oversight function. If AMCON is to deliver on its mandate by recovering the over N5.4trillion outstanding debt, the Corporation will need the support and association of all other government agencies to succeed.

“We have thoroughly reviewed the 2018 budget performance of the corporation vis-à-vis what was approved for them. The committee is satisfied with the performance, which would also help the committee make projections and also provide guidance as the case may be against their 2019 budget,” he said.

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